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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy a MUNA bicycle?

We supply all local bicycle shops within Southern Africa. ( South Africa, Botswana, Namibia etc ) as well as Sportsman’s Warehouse stores countrywide. For customers without a local stockist our bikes are also available online from our website.

What is the youngest age for use of your Balance bicycle models?

This depends on the height/size and development of your child. Our balance bikes feature a fully adjustable seat height as well as handlebar and stem positioning. Typically this allows children from as young as 2 years up until 5 or 6 years to still get good use from the bicycle.

What makes your Balance bicycle models different to budget models found online?

Our ethos with these Balance models is to have a bicycle that resembles the features and feel of a traditional pedal model. This means the transition from a Balance bicycle to a Pedal bicycle will be a lot easier. Features included are pneumatic tires (compared to EVA foam) which improve grip and control, adjustable hand brake lever (compared to lack of brakes completely) and key moving parts with ball bearings (compared to plastic bushings). Apart from performance improvements these features also increase durability.

What ages does your MUNA range cater for?

Our range includes Balance Bicycles ( typically from 2 years and older ) up to 20’ Wheel Pedal Bicycles which are for 8 ~ 10 year olds. Please see our website for specific age and height recommendations per bicycle model.

Can I fit Stabilizers on the 20” Wheel models?

Yes, we offer a Stabilizer model in our accessory range that is fully adjustable for different wheel sizes from 12” to 20” Wheel. The kit includes heavy-duty stabilizer arms and brackets.

Why don’t your Bicycles have Coaster Brakes?

A Coaster brake does not resemble the braking method on traditional / adult bicycle models and therefore teaches the incorrect method to slow yourself down. This is not only dangerous in later years but also counter-intuitive when the child moves onto larger bicycles in the future.

Can I assemble the bicycle myself if ordered online?

Yes, our bicycles come 95% pre-assembled and requires minimum technical know-how to assemble. We include a step-by-step assembly video on our website to walk your through the process. If for some reason you are not comfortable to assemble the bicycle yourself, we recommend having your local bicycle workshop completing the final assembly for you.